The doctor named the only reason for the medical withdrawal from vaccination

Immunologist Zhemchugov called the reaction to the drug the only contraindication to vaccination told in what case the Russians can be given a medical exemption from vaccination against coronavirus, reports TASS.

The specialist said that the reason for issuing a medical exemption from vaccination against COVID-19 is an unwanted severe reaction to a specific drug. He called this the only contraindication to vaccination.

“If, for example, a certain vector vaccine was introduced, there was a severe reaction to it, then this vaccine, only it, should not be used further. And even this person can be vaccinated with another vaccine already with appropriate precautions. The rest of the contraindications are all temporary, private, “explained Zhemchugov.

The immunologist urged Russians with chronic diseases to be vaccinated first of all, since the infection poses the greatest danger for them.

” People with a large number of diseases are most susceptible to severe course and death. They need to be vaccinated first of all, but here the attending physician should intervene for the main disease, determine the vaccination schedule and the type of vaccine, “he concluded.

On November 12, the Russian government submitted to the State Duma draft amendments on the use of QR codes in some modes of transport and in public places. The State Duma considered such a measure necessary. With the introduction of QR codes in transport and public places in Russia, a transition period will be announced, which will last until February 1, 2022.