The British announced the “beating drums of war” in Washington and London

The British appreciated The Telegraph's article about Russia: Biden and Johnson “beat the drums of war”

The British called Crimea Russian and called on the West to get into relations between Moscow and Kiev, they wrote about this in the comments to the article in The Telegraph.

Politicians from Washington warned their colleagues in the European Union that Russia allegedly concentrated “tens of thousands of troops” on the border with Ukraine … Readers opposed the US and British authorities because of their position in relation to Russia.

“Crimea has returned home, period. Worse, you know it very well, ”said Ian Rutherford. Kitty Wake noted that she was on the peninsula after its reunification with Russia. “Regardless of legal issues, the majority of the population is quite happy with their new position,” she pointed out to politicians in London.

“They beat the drums of war … Just look at these leaders … Biden (US President Joe Biden – approx. “” ) and Boris (British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – approx. “” ). I doubt that looking at them, Russian leader Vladimir Putin will be frightened, ”S Parkes agreed. “We do not need to interfere with this,” another reader assessed the article.

“Russia has every right to deploy troops on its territory wherever it wants. Unlike Britain, not all countries are Washington's obedient puppets, “added Heike Muuga.

Earlier, Russia's First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, denied Western media statements about Moscow's allegedly planned military invasion of Ukraine. According to him, Moscow has never planned and is not planning a military invasion of Ukraine.