Assange received permission to marry in prison

The Guardian: Assange received permission to marry Morris' fiancee in prison Prosecutor's Office for the marriage with the bride Stella Morris. This is reported by The Guardian. The wedding ceremony will be held within the walls of the prison. According to preliminary data, the wedding can take place in December with a limited number of invited guests from among the prisoners. Earlier, Assange and Morris sued the head of the UK Justice Department, Dominic Raab, because they are not allowed to get married. The couple are confident that the UK is creating obstacles to their marriage because of the political war of the US authorities against the founder of WikiLeaks. Julian Assange is in custody in the UK, he is being held in Belmarsh prison. In May 2019, the US Justice Department filed 17 charges against Assange, later adding another. He is charged with promulgation of top-secret documents. In the

Crew Dragon ship with astronauts docked to ISS

The Crew Dragon ship with four astronauts on board docked to the ISS comic station (ISS). The broadcast is conducted on the website of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The final stage of the spacecraft's rendezvous with the ISS began at 18:27 US East Coast time (02:27 Moscow time on November 12). At 18:32 (02:32 Moscow time on November 12) the host of the broadcast confirmed the successful docking of the spacecraft with the ISS. It took place in automatic mode.

Russian helicopter Mi-8/17 became the second most popular in the world

Russian Mi-8/17 became the second most popular military rotary-wing aircraft in the world Russian military transport helicopters of the Mi-8 family/17 became the second most popular military rotorcraft in the world. This is reported by TASS with reference to a study of the world helicopter market by the analytical company Defense IQ. According to the report, as of early November 2022, almost 3 thousand Mi-8/17 helicopters were in operation all over the world , which accounted for about 14 percent of the global fleet of military rotorcraft. The first place in the ranking of the ten most popular military helicopters was taken by American aircraft of the S-70/UH-60 Black Hawk family, the number of which is armament of various countries of the world amounted to almost 4 thousand units (about 19 percent of the global fleet). In third place on the list are attack helicopters of the AH-64 Apache family,

The Russian doctor called the norm of a healthy person's salt

Nutritionist Iryshkin: the norm of salt intake is five grams per day named the norm of a healthy person's salt. According to him, due to excessive amounts of salt, water begins to linger in the body, this leads to an increase in blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. “The norm of salt intake is five grams per day. If you have high blood pressure, you can eat up to five grams of salt per day. If the pressure is 140 and higher, then the salt is limited to three grams per day, “he said. According to Iryshkin, one should take into account not only the salt that a person adds to food on his own, but then its amount, which is contained in finished products. The nutritionist recommended replacing table salt with various analogues. He noted that any herbs or spices, as well as salt

Данные покупателей справок поступили в продажу

На теневых форумах и в Telegram-каналах начали продаваться базы данных граждан, которые якобы покупали поддельные справки о прохождении вакцинации. «Ъ» связался с одним из продавцов и выяснил, что база из 1 тыс. строк стоит $120 (около 8,5 тыс. руб. по курсу ЦБ на 11 ноября) и содержит паспортные данные, СНИЛС, номер телефона и место жительства, а также информацию о дате получения сертификата. В выставленных на продажу базах также содержатся данные ОМС граждан, рассказал программист, владелец Telegram-канала «Глаз бога» Евгений Антипов. По его словам, в самой большой базе содержатся персональные данные более 500 тыс. человек, а стоимость информации об одном человеке составляет около 30−40 ₽. Предлагаемые данные пока ограничены только Московским регионом, добавил директор по стратегическим коммуникациям Infosecurity a Softline company Александр Дворянский. Евгений Антипов считает, что сведения о гражданах были собраны в самих сервисах, позволяющих сделать поддельную справку о вакцинации или ПЦР. Один из подобных ресурсов был создан жителем Севастополя — на нем продаются справки по 1,5 тыс. руб. и уже реализовано более 9 тыс. поддельных тестов, рассказал руководитель департамента информационно-аналитических исследований компании T.Hunter Игорь Бедеров. Продажи фейковых сертификатов о прививках начали расти на фоне постепенного открытия границ

US warns EU of risk of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Bloomberg: US warned the EU about Russia's invasion of Ukraine without providing evidence The US warned the European Union (EU) about the risk of Russia's “invasion” of Ukraine without providing any evidence. Bloomberg writes about this, citing sources. American officials have expressed concerns that Russia may consider the possibility of a “military operation.” At the same time, the EU did not transfer any data on the basis of which such conclusions were made. A source close to the Kremlin, in turn, noted that Russia “does not intend to start a war with Ukraine now, but wants to show that it is ready use force if necessary. ” Another unnamed source noted that a Russian offensive is “unlikely”, but Moscow allegedly has a plan to respond to provocations from Ukraine. Earlier, the First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky denied statements about the allegedly planned military invasion

Ukraine will supply Turkey with engines for new drones

Ukrinform: Ukraine will supply engines to Turkey AI-322F engines for drones Baykar Makina on Thursday, November 11, signed an agreement on the supply of Ukrainian-made engines for Turkish UAVs. The contact was signed within the framework of the SAHA Expo in Istanbul, Ukrinform reports. As explained by Haluk Bayraktar, technical director of Baykar Makina, effective cooperation has been established between the company for many years. So, engines manufactured by Ivchenko-Progress are already being installed on Turkish drones Akinci, and their serial production has begun. The signed agreement will mark the beginning of the production of unmanned combat aircraft. It is noted that the Ukrainian company will supply an AI-322F by-pass turbojet engine with an afterburner. Details of the deal were not disclosed. Earlier it was reported that Turkey is working on a system to protect important facilities from attacks by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The system is based on the

Ukraine announced the state of “energy war” with Russia

Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine: Kiev is in a state of energy war with Moscow “Said that today Kiev is actually in a state of” energy war “with Moscow, said the Deputy Minister of Energy of the country Maxim Nemchinov. This is reported by RIA Novosti. “Today we are actually in a state of energy war with Russia, which is blocking imports from Kazakhstan, not letting railroad cars with coal into Ukraine, which is constantly reducing the ordered gas transit capacity “, – he noted. According to Nemchinov, Russia is doing everything to make Ukraine” feel this crisis even more. ” “We [attempts] are neutralizing them quite successfully today,” he said. Earlier, analyst Alexander Kochetkov spoke about the “energy stranglehold” that Russia plans to strangle Kiev and named the conditions under which Moscow will start direct gas supplies to Ukraine. According to him, this will not happen before the

Nutritionists named the most dangerous drinks for those wishing to lose weight

Dietitians: when losing weight, you should give up cocktails and purchased juices and smoothies Their advice is quoted by Eat This, Not That! Experts consider commercial juices and smoothies, sugary alcoholic cocktails and cold coffee-based drinks to be the most dangerous for losing weight. The juices that can be found on the market are usually high in sugar and very low in fiber. “They can cause a spike in blood sugar levels, which then plummet just as quickly. This will make you want to eat even more sweets, ”says nutritionist Amy Goodson. Related materials 00:07 – January 10 “The more culinary expanse, the more we eat” How food changes our minds, behavior and prevents us from losing weight – says a neurobiologist00: 01 – December 17, 2020 “Eclairs are not to blame, and in general there is no one's fault here” Sweet, fatty and tasty: how familiar food is killing

Died grandmother of Natalia Vodianova

Top model Natalia Vodianova: grandmother passed away surrounded by loving children The tragedy took place on November 11 – the day after Larisa Gavrilovna celebrated her 92nd birthday. The celebrity announced this on her Instagram page. The model said that her grandmother met her birthday in bed – after an illness she practically did not get up. At the same time, the woman retained her clarity of mind. The star also added that this is a huge loss for all of them, but according to her children, it was difficult to imagine more prosperous circumstances “for her last 24 hours on this earth.” On the eve of Natalia posted a touching video, where she and her children at home congratulate their grandmother on her birthday. “Granny, will you tell us something? Any parting words? ”- asked the granddaughter in her congratulations. “Be happy,” the grandmother replied. It is known that