56-year-old actress appeared nude in new movie trailer

Elizabeth Hurley starred naked in the movie Father Christmas is Back and delighted fans British actress, model and designer Elizabeth Hurley Father Christmas is Back in a candid way. The video and comments appeared on the Daily Mail. The 56-year-old celebrity appeared in front of the audience in the trailer for the picture naked in the shower. In the above footage, a woman poses with her back to the camera, covering exposed parts of her body with her hands. She was captured in the bathroom with her hair loose without makeup. Readers of the publication admired Hurley's appearance in the comments under the published video. “She's really aging beautifully!” “, – said netizens. It is known that the premiere of the comedy film Father Christmas is Back, directed by Philip Martinez and Mick Davis, took place on the Netflix streaming service on November 7. The main roles were played by