День в истории: 13 ноября

Международный день слепых Ежегодно 13 ноября во всем мире отмечается Всемирный день слепых. Эта памятная дата призвана привлечь внимание людей к тем, кто навсегда потерял зрение и оказался в трудной жизненной ситуации. Дату выбрала Всемирная организация здравоохранения: именно в этот день в 1745 году родился педагог Валентин Гаюи, создатель первых учебных заведений для слепых и автор рельефного алфавита для незрячих. В Международный день слепых проводятся симпозиумы, собрания, концерты в поддержку тех, кто навсегда потерял зрение и тех, кому еще, возможно, улыбнется удача и которые когда-нибудь смогут увидеть мир своими глазами. Впервые эту дату отметили по инициативе ВОЗ в 1984 году. Всемирный день доброты Во многих странах в этот день празднуют Всемирный день доброты. Этот праздник появился в Токио в 1998 году, когда США, Канада, Великобритания, Япония, Сингапур, Таиланд и Австралия впервые провели симпозиум под названием «Всемирное движение за доброту». Позже к ним присоединились и другие государства. Впервые праздник отметили два года спустя, а в Россию он пришел в 2009 году. Эта уникальная дата позволяет людям стать чуть добрее и проявить заботу и повышенное внимание к окружающим. В этот день ставятся спектакли, посвященные вопросам гуманности.

Ukraine will buy Bayraktar attack drones

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Reznikov: Kiev will purchase a batch of Bayraktar shock drones Ukraine will purchase a batch of Bayraktar shock drones for the needs of the country's armed forces. This was announced by Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov following a trip to Donbass, RIA Novosti reports. According to him, Kiev's Turkish partners have publicly announced that they are taking Ukrainian engines for the production of Bayraktar. “We are planning to purchase them additionally next year. But these will be Ukrainian Bayraktar, I emphasize, “- said Reznikov, noting that the drones will be manufactured in Turkey, but they will be Ukrainian, in service with the armed forces of Ukraine. ” They will be used because we must defend our independence, including in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter, “the minister said. At the same time, the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valeriy Zaluzhny, noted that the

Special QR codes will be introduced for the Russian military

“Interfax”: the military will be assigned a separate form of QR codes for visiting public places and other public places using QR codes will separately determine the form of such documents for the military, reports the Interfax agency. For Russian military personnel and persons equated to them, another, special document on vaccination against coronavirus, a past disease or the presence of contraindications to vaccination, which they will be able to present instead of QR codes. The form of this paper and the conditions for its use will be developed by the Ministry of Defense or another federal body where the law provides for military or equivalent service. Until February 1, the military, like other citizens, will be able to present negative PCR results instead of QR codes -test. It is assumed that during this time, the Russians should be vaccinated against the coronavirus. After February 1, negative PCR tests are

Jen Psaki returned to work and confessed to yearning for slippers

COVID-19 survivor Psaki White House spokeswoman: I miss my slippers White House spokeswoman Jenrif Psaki gave the first briefing after suffering COVID-19. The press conference was broadcast on the official Twitter account of the White House. Psaki, who had a coronavirus, said she was glad to return to work. However, she admitted to longing for her slippers. “It's great to come back to you, and although I am a long-time hater of heels, I really miss my slippers, which I'm sure some of the women in this room will agree with.” , – said the press secretary. On November 1, it became known that Jen Psaki was infected with COVID-19. Due to a positive coronavirus test and a “family emergency”, she refused to travel with US President Joe Biden to the G20 summit in Rome. After contacting Psaki, Biden also tested for COVID-19. The US President received a negative test

Ukraine offered to help Europe “free from occupation”

Leader of the OUR party Muraev: Ukraine must help Europe “free from the occupation” on the air of the TV channel “NASH” said that Europe is still under occupation and urged to think about the offer of assistance from Ukraine, so that the EU countries liberate themselves and become independent. “Europe is still under occupation, that is, perhaps this is a topic that is not customary to discuss in Europe. In 1991, with the collapse of the USSR, all the troops of the Warsaw Pact left there, and the American military bases remained, “said Polsik. According to him, the number of American soldiers in Germany at the moment is 36 thousand, and in Japan – almost 60 thousand. He stressed that they have been there since 1945, after the victory over Germany. “Therefore, Europe is also not completely independent, we must help them to do this,” Muraev summed up. Earlier,

A businessman who traveled to space aboard Bezos' ship dies in a plane crash

CBS: businessman de Vries, who flew into space on the New Shepard, crashed in a helicopter Glen de Vries, a businessman who October flew into space on the New Shepard spacecraft of the company of billionaire Jeff Bezos Blue Origin, crashed in a plane crash. This was announced by the CBS TV channel. The plane crashed in Sussex County, New Jersey, USA. It is noted that the 49-year-old de Vries, vice president of Dassault Systèmes, was an amateur pilot. The second passenger of the plane, 54-year-old Thomas Fisher, was also killed. The US Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident. “We were devastated to learn of the sudden death of Glen de Vries. He brought so much life and energy to the whole team. His passion for aviation, his charitable work and his dedication to his cause will continue to be respected and admired for a long time to come,

Parties in Germany disagreed on Russia when creating a coalition

The SPDG and the Greens argued over the issue of Russia when creating a coalition in Germany Social Democrats (SPDG Greens) and “Disagreed on Russia when creating a coalition in Germany, writes Spiegel with reference to the negotiators. Related materials 00:01 – September 26 ” Merkel leaves bedlam behind “Pro-Russian nationalists are joining the Bundestag. How will Germany change after the elections? 00:01 – 22 September “Tired of power and people” Did Germany get it over 16 years of Angela Merkel's rule? Greens and Social Democrats. The latter demand to include in the document a provision stating that Germany “takes seriously the justified interests of Russia and at the same time respects the interests of its European neighbors.” According to sources, this point will be reformulated. In addition, the document contains criticism of the Russian authorities. The parties of a possible future coalition want Moscow to ensure that Russian civil

The Russian glued himself to the doors of the apartment of the former concubine

In Perm, a man glued himself to the door of his former partner's apartment, demanding to return the cat and conducted a live broadcast on social networks for several hours, demanding that the hood and the cat be returned to him, reports 59.ru. “The former roommate came to Maria's apartment, took out superglue and doused his hand. And then he glued it to the door. The man conducted a live broadcast on social networks and told subscribers in detail about what he was doing. He demanded that Maria give him the hood and return the cat, which he gave her daughter. It was evident that he was firmly glued to the door. They called an ambulance to save his hand, “said the landlady. The former female partner, in turn, claims that her ex-boyfriend has been following her family for more than two years. According to her, he threatened, beat and

Guzeeva, who was ill with coronavirus, called her treatment a nightmare

Russian TV presenter Guzeeva called her coronavirus treatment a nightmare … StarHit writes about this. “It's such a nightmare when you are under droppers, swollen like a ball, no veins, no wires. Nearby lay Valera Garkalin (People's Artist of Russia, – approx. “Lenta.ru” ). Where I was, you don't need to go there, it's horrible! ” She visibly recovered and was swollen. Guzeeva's fans continue to wish her strength and complete recovery. Earlier, Guzeeva complained about her health after suffering from COVID-19. In the first episode of the Let's Get Married! Program, recorded after her return to the shooting, she talked about how the disease affected her and thanked the fans for their support. At the end of September, Guzeeva was hospitalized with coronavirus in the hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka. The TV presenter was suspected of a coronavirus and initial kidney damage: a few days before going to the

McGregor exchanged insults with “UFC's main villain”

MMA fighter Conor McGregor exchanged insults with Jorge Masvidal on Twitter who withdrew from his fight against Leon Edwards at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) tournament. The post is available on the athlete's Twiter account. The fighters exchanged insults on social networks. McGregor first called Masvidal a “bitch” for dodging a fight with Edwards. “I wanted to shit on injuries. Once you have agreed to a fight – fight! ” – he wrote. Masvidal, who turned 37 on November 12, reacted to McGregor's attack. “Forgot to take your pills again?” – answered “the main villain of the UFC.” Masvidal withdrew from the UFC 269 tournament. The Swedish fighter of Chechen origin expressed his willingness to replace the American. Masvidal won the special title of “the main villain of the UFC”, having won over Nate Diaz.