Jen Psaki returned to work and confessed to yearning for slippers

COVID-19 survivor Psaki White House spokeswoman: I miss my slippers

White House spokeswoman Jenrif Psaki gave the first briefing after suffering COVID-19. The press conference was broadcast on the official Twitter account of the White House.

Psaki, who had a coronavirus, said she was glad to return to work. However, she admitted to longing for her slippers.

“It's great to come back to you, and although I am a long-time hater of heels, I really miss my slippers, which I'm sure some of the women in this room will agree with.” , – said the press secretary.

On November 1, it became known that Jen Psaki was infected with COVID-19. Due to a positive coronavirus test and a “family emergency”, she refused to travel with US President Joe Biden to the G20 summit in Rome.

After contacting Psaki, Biden also tested for COVID-19. The US President received a negative test result.