Immunologists have described the change in the number of antibodies a few months after the vaccine

Immunologists: the titer of antibodies in a person vaccinated against COVID-19 decreases threefold after three months

Immunologist, Ph.D. Society of Preventive Medicine Specialists, Doctor of Medical Sciences Sergey Tokarev described to how the number of antibodies changes a few months after vaccination against COVID-19.

According to Kryuchkov, after three months the antibody titer in a vaccinated patient is reduced by three times , and after six months – tenfold. He noted that the “leak” of immunity is due to the low rates of revaccination, and also spoke about the problem in which initially vaccinated people who have had a coronavirus infection cannot get the next vaccine on time, while maintaining a high level of herd immunity.

< p> Tokarev, in turn, announced the need to continue an active revaccination program for previously ill and newly vaccinated people.

“It's time for us to actively revaccinate, we now risk being in a position where we are running a distance and cannot catch up with ourselves. If we slow down now, we will not just stay where we are, but a step forward, two steps back. Therefore, in order to take a step forward, it is imperative that re-vaccination be carried out by all means six months after the previous vaccination or the previous illness, ”the physician emphasized.

Previously, a specialist in especially dangerous infections, an immunologist, a medical doctor Sci. Vladislav Zhemchugov said that the reason for issuing a medical withdrawal from vaccination against COVID-19 is an unwanted severe reaction to a particular drug. He called this the only contraindication to vaccination.