Dana Borisova spoke about the infection with COVID-19 with the phrase “very scary”

“Evening Moscow”: Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova first contracted coronavirus

TV presenter Dana Borisova contracted COVID-19. In an interview with Vechernyaya Moskva, she said that she had manifested “the entire set of symptoms” characteristic of the coronavirus.

Borisova spoke about the coronavirus infection with the phrase “very scary.” According to the Russian TV presenter, she fell ill with COVID-19 for the first time.

“The whole set of symptoms: dry cough, burning in the nose, high temperature, very scary. I haven't had a coronavirus before. I haven’t even been vaccinated yet, ”Borisova admitted.

The TV presenter added that she had been feeling unwell for several days. She called doctors at home to prescribe the necessary treatment. At the same time, Borisova did not say whether they were going to hospitalize her.

Earlier, TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva called her treatment for coronavirus a nightmare. It is noted that the disease noticeably affected the appearance of the TV presenter: she recovered and was swollen. “It's such a nightmare when you are under droppers, swollen like a ball, no veins, no wires,” Guzeeva emphasized.