Poll: 40% of Russians don’t drink

Poll: 40% of Russians don’t drink According to the poll, Russia recorded a decrease level of alcohol consumption. Upstairs So, in the survey, 40% of Russians said they do not drink alcohol, than among the 18-24 year olds answered 57%. It is noted that in 2009, that does not drink alcohol, reported by 26% of Russians. That drink from time to time admitted 58% of the population, however, in the vast majority of cases — not a few times a month, and 40% of respondents say that in the last year began to drink less. To increase the volume of alcohol consumed said only 3%. At the same time, fewer people think that all alcohol is harmful. The fact that there are harmless doses of alcohol, I agree, more than a third of respondents (39%). The most “harmless” drink the Russians believe the wine (51%): among people with higher education,

Looks like the biggest cave in the world (photos)

Looks like the biggest cave in the world (photos) Its volume stands at 38.5 million cubic meters. Upstairs In Central Vietnam, Binh province, is the largest cave in the world — Shandong. Its name means “mountain river cave”. View this post in Instagram Publication of Protur (@protour.go) September 4, 2018 at 8:25 am PDT During the download an error has occurred. In some places in Shandong reaches 150 meters wide and 200 meters tall. Because of this it is considered a cave with the wide and high passageways. Its total volume of 38.5 million cubic meters. View this post in Instagram Publication from The Travel Bible (@_travelbible) September 8, 2018 at 1:00 PDT During the download an error has occurred. Shandong is also a very beautiful cave. In some places it gets light, so it grows grass and trees. And the clear water of the underground river taking pictures of

Mantis began to eat fish

Mantis began to eat fish Biologists noticed that predatory insects praying mantises, the usual victims are other arthropods, have started to include in your diet fish. Early biologists did not notice the mantid such behavior. Job description new tactics hunting insects published in the Journal of Orthoptera Research. Upstairs Previously, scientists had received eyewitness accounts that praying mantises are hunted not only for arthropods, but also on vertebrates such as small birds, lizards, frogs, newts, mice, snakes, and turtles. However, in most cases this information is either not confirmed or occur in environments with a large influence, for example in laboratories. NewsTropical hornets master of Europe and attack people In the new work, the biologists describe how the praying mantis preyed on fish guppies in conditions close to natural in a pond in India. The mantis was returned for five consecutive days and a total of nine enjoyed the fish.

Will be responsible for the strychnine: a model from Russia will sue for the incident in Salisbury

Will be responsible for the strychnine: a model from Russia will sue for the incident in Salisbury Born in Nizhny Novgorod model Anna Shapiro can fall under investigation for staging of poisoning in British Salisbury. Upstairs At the moment, the police investigate whether the incident planned in advance. Meanwhile, restaurant chain, Prezzo, the school which was allegedly poisoned ex-Russian woman and her husband suffered reputational and monetary losses due to accidents. Shapiro herself, meanwhile, is convinced that her poisoning was planned by the Russian authorities. Restaurant chain Prezzo, the establishment of which was poisoned, a native of Nizhniy Novgorod Anna Shapiro and her British husband Alex king would sue the couple if the police prove that the incident was staged. About this newspaper the Times, citing sources in the company. View this post in Instagram Find me at the marina ⛵ this? ⚓ on!!! #yachting #yachtlife #boatliving?☁on!!!??☺it’s amazing Publication of

Deputy transport Minister resigns and will be engaged in singing

Deputy transport Minister resigns and will be engaged in singing Deputy transport Minister Alan Lushnikov leave his post. According to him, the corresponding proposal is made by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, but not yet signed. Upstairs After retiring from the Ministry of transport officials intend to focus on his music career, according to RBC. Lushnikov did not specify who will take his place, as, according to him, has no right to comment on it. Deputy Minister of transport is the lead singer of the rock group Ctrlband. The first concert of the updated composition of the team was held in April. According to the information on the website of the Ministry of transport, Lushnikov has held the position of Deputy Minister from February 2017. Before he was five years old I was the assistant Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. In March it became known that eks-US President Barack Obama

Viktor Zimin withdrew from the elections of the head of Khakassia Republic

Viktor Zimin withdrew from the elections of the head of Khakassia Republic The candidate from “United Russia” Viktor Zimin, withdrew his candidacy from the elections of the head of Khakassia, which was held on Sunday, September 23, reported “Interfax” a source in the election Commission of the Republic. Upstairs “Zimin wrote a letter to the election Commission about the withdrawal of his candidacy from the election for health reasons”, — said the Agency interlocutor. It was assumed that the second round will be Mr. Zimin and Valentin Konovalov, first Secretary of the regional branch of the Communist party. The CEC of Russia information about the withdrawal of Victor Zimin with the election confirmed. The second round is held two weeks later, it will be attended by Mr Konovalov and third place in the first round, Andrey Filegen — the leader of regional branch of party “Fair Russia”, informs “RIA Novosti”.

Tropical hornets master of Europe and attack people

Tropical hornets master of Europe and attack people MOSCOW, 21 sen — news. Tropical hornets Vespa velutina has spread almost throughout the territory of France, attacking local residents. Frequent deaths, writes the Local. Upstairs The species Vespa velutina is native to France. It is believed that in the country they appeared in 2004, when the insects were imported from China. By 2010, tropical hornets settled throughout the South-West of the country, and in subsequent years has reached the regions bordering Belgium, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. NewsWhy we love bees and hate wasps? If this is true? It is noted that in the Northern region of Normandy France this week after the attack of insects killed 57-year-old man. Were with him woman with numerous bites was taken to the hospital. Also in the regional Department of English channel, said that for three months the insects attacked for 180 people, one of

“That’s how they went extinct.” Why Panda hard to find a partner

“That’s how they went extinct.” Why Panda hard to find a partner Researchers conducted a study of peculiarities of communication of giant pandas and found that limited the ability the ability to distinguish the partner these animals create serious difficulties in mating. Upstairs The researchers found that pandas can distinguish each other by their characteristic bleat similar to sheep, but only at a distance up to 20 meters. The gender of the potential partner, they can recognize only if he (or she?) dare to come closer — 10 meters. Many other animals in this sense is easier: for example, elephants communicate at a distance of one kilometer. The distance at which recognize each other in different animals: The giant Panda: 10-20 meters; African elephant: 400 — 1000 meters; Klemantaski orangutan: 300 meters; Koala: up to 50 meters. Source: Scientific Report The researchers recorded the bleats of pandas and checked how

Palm river, sugar beach. As fake food?

Palm river, sugar beach. As fake food? Milk made without cows, and honey, which had never met with the bees. Explain how to recognize a fake product. Upstairs The Supervisory authority and then find the fake food. For example, last week, the Rosselkhoznadzor has discovered the fraud of milk in the Crimean kindergartens, and at the end of summer, beekeepers began to complain that the industrial honey unnatural. Explain how fake products in Russia and whether it is possible to detect themselves. Dairy products As a forge? Newsin confectioners escaped milk Most counterfeited high-fat foods. “The most common violation — the replacement of milk fat vegetable (palm, coconut, etc. oil). So, the issue spread for the butter. Often reveals that the protein or less fat than claimed on the packaging — there is no substitution, but there is a shortage”, — said the coordinator of the Federal project “For Fair

Time put on the cover of matryoshka with Putin and trump

Time put on the cover of matryoshka with Putin and trump The American Time magazine placed on the cover of the October issue of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the American leader Donald trump and the Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska and American politics Paul Manafort. Upstairs “All the Czar’s Men.” @shustry”s close look at Putin’s circle of oligarchs leads the international edition of TIME this week, with an illustration by @TonkaOBrien https://t.co/cJGCjCfaU8 pic.twitter.com/iTQUhatxVh — Dan Stewart (@thatdanstewart) 20 Sep 2018 The cover of the issue published editor Dan Stewart in his Twitter on September 20. The picture politicians and heads of state depicted as part of the dismantled dolls, in which trump is external, the biggest part, and Putin — the inner one the smallest. “All the king’s men. As the oligarchs Putin got into the team of trump,” it says on the cover. In previous issues Time has created a