“That’s how they went extinct.” Why Panda hard to find a partner

“That’s how they went extinct.” Why Panda hard to find a partner

Researchers conducted a study of peculiarities of communication of giant pandas and found that limited the ability the ability to distinguish the partner these animals create serious difficulties in mating.


The researchers found that pandas can distinguish each other by their characteristic bleat similar to sheep, but only at a distance up to 20 meters.

The gender of the potential partner, they can recognize only if he (or she?) dare to come closer — 10 meters.

Many other animals in this sense is easier: for example, elephants communicate at a distance of one kilometer.

The distance at which recognize each other in different animals:

  • The giant Panda: 10-20 meters;
  • African elephant: 400 — 1000 meters;
  • Klemantaski orangutan: 300 meters;
  • Koala: up to 50 meters.

Source: Scientific Report

The researchers recorded the bleats of pandas and checked how far it is heard in the thickets of bamboo.

It turned out that these nice-looking animals that live in bamboo forests, only at close range can determine he or she is, and to understand whether they have met already before.

“According to our research, when Panda discovers a potential partner, sound communication between them is really only visible on very close,” says a scientist of the Zoological Institute of San Diego Benjamin Charlton.

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These studies, published in the journal Scientific Reports, can shed light on the peculiarities of the breeding of pandas.

Finding a partner and mating can be quite difficult for the Panda. These animals are the bulk of time alone. Meetings with other pandas are rare outside of the mating season.