Will be responsible for the strychnine: a model from Russia will sue for the incident in Salisbury

Will be responsible for the strychnine: a model from Russia will sue for the incident in Salisbury

Born in Nizhny Novgorod model Anna Shapiro can fall under investigation for staging of poisoning in British Salisbury.


At the moment, the police investigate whether the incident planned in advance. Meanwhile, restaurant chain, Prezzo, the school which was allegedly poisoned ex-Russian woman and her husband suffered reputational and monetary losses due to accidents. Shapiro herself, meanwhile, is convinced that her poisoning was planned by the Russian authorities.

Restaurant chain Prezzo, the establishment of which was poisoned, a native of Nizhniy Novgorod Anna Shapiro and her British husband Alex king would sue the couple if the police prove that the incident was staged. About this newspaper the Times, citing sources in the company.

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According to the newspaper, after the incident, the restaurant is currently closed — it has affected his reputation, followed by a loss.

Tabloid the Sun reports that the damage to institutions and the cost of exit of emergency responders are estimated in 30 thousand pounds sterling (more than 2.6 million rubles).

The day before the police interrogated Shapiro and king as witnesses. The girl once again gave his version of the incident, according to which the poisoning was allegedly planned by the Kremlin.

However, according to The Sun, police are working on the theory that the incident with the poisoning was a hoax. Note that Shapiro’s husband lay in the ICU for four days. The girl visited the wife in the hospital and did a selfie with him. September 20, the man passed all the tests and was discharged from the hospital.

Another poisoning in Salisbury occurred on September 16. Husband Shapiro felt ill during dinner at the Prezzo restaurant, located in Salisbury. The school and surrounding roads cordoned off. On the scene arrived four ambulances, among which was a group of special response in case of emergencies. Eyewitnesses reported that the school went experts in white chemical protection suits.

Local law enforcement authorities later ruled out the use of nerve agent in cases of poisoning in Prezzo. They said that the incident is not connected with the case Skrobala.

19 Sep Anna Shapiro gave an interview to The Sun — according to the tabloid, the interview girl didn’t receive money. It became known that she was 30 years old, she was born in Nizhny Novgorod, however, in 2006, took Israeli citizenship. At the moment she works as a model.

Shapiro had restored the events of that day, when her husband allegedly tried to poison. According to her, the restaurant Prezzo her husband and advised the lady of the house, which was rented by a couple. The girl knew that in 300 metres from this establishment is a restaurant Zizzi in it the day of the poisoning had dinner ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.