Time put on the cover of matryoshka with Putin and trump

Time put on the cover of matryoshka with Putin and trump

The American Time magazine placed on the cover of the October issue of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the American leader Donald trump and the Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska and American politics Paul Manafort.


“All the Czar’s Men.” @shustry”s close look at Putin’s circle of oligarchs leads the international edition of TIME this week, with an illustration by @TonkaOBrien https://t.co/cJGCjCfaU8 pic.twitter.com/iTQUhatxVh

— Dan Stewart (@thatdanstewart) 20 Sep 2018

The cover of the issue published editor Dan Stewart in his Twitter on September 20.

The picture politicians and heads of state depicted as part of the dismantled dolls, in which trump is external, the biggest part, and Putin — the inner one the smallest.

“All the king’s men. As the oligarchs Putin got into the team of trump,” it says on the cover.

In previous issues Time has created a series of covers that trump every issue of “storm” were increasingly filled with water and the office of the head of the White house, and in the end, then the facility and its owner.

TIME’s new cover: Trump is in trouble. Here’s how much worse it could get https://t.co/IgjeHWr2cD pic.twitter.com/hnUc7Njbxu

— TIME (@TIME) August 23, 2018

On the cover of the August issue of the publication put combined a portrait of Putin and trump with the caption “Crisis summit” — the issue was devoted to the meeting of the two leaders in Helsinki, which took place on 16 July.

Then the heads of state have held public talks, and spoke tete-a-tete. On the agenda was the topic of relations between the two countries and international issues.

Following the meeting, trump said that he accepts his Russian counterpart not as an enemy but as a competitor and did not rule out that one day they will become allies.

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Even Donald trump.

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