Poll: 40% of Russians don’t drink

Poll: 40% of Russians don’t drink

According to the poll, Russia recorded a decrease level of alcohol consumption.


So, in the survey, 40% of Russians said they do not drink alcohol, than among the 18-24 year olds answered 57%. It is noted that in 2009, that does not drink alcohol, reported by 26% of Russians.

That drink from time to time admitted 58% of the population, however, in the vast majority of cases — not a few times a month, and 40% of respondents say that in the last year began to drink less. To increase the volume of alcohol consumed said only 3%.

At the same time, fewer people think that all alcohol is harmful. The fact that there are harmless doses of alcohol, I agree, more than a third of respondents (39%).

The most “harmless” drink the Russians believe the wine (51%): among people with higher education, this proportion reaches 61%.

Previously, more than thirds of Russians have admitted that they are familiar with the problem of alcoholism not by hearsay — in 37% of the population in the surroundings there are alcoholics.

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