Relations between Russia and the United States are


RIA Novosti

Relations between Russia and the United States are currently “at the bottom”, said permanent representative of Russia to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, which on Friday began his duties.

“The kind of relationship that we have now with the United States, probably were not even in the years of the cold war. I don’t know where the plinth, below which we cannot fall, but we just can find at some bottom,” — said Nebenzia told reporters.

Speaking about Russia’s relations with the EU, the diplomat reminded that, despite the fact that the EU has a common policy, the attitude among the member countries of the EU to Russia is different.

“The irony is that the EU, which itself imposed against us illegal sanctions, like the US, may now become a victim of such sanctions due to the resolution (law – ed.), which was adopted by Congress. This is a situation that can be described with the words “we told you so,” — said Nebenzia.