“Night wolves” have left without a Christmas tree

“Night wolves” have left without a Christmas tree

Famous biker organization “Night wolves”, which is regularly since 2012, received presidential grants, not received the approval of all three applications. Two grant applications are not admitted to examination, the project “Baby Christmas tree” is rejected. This decision was approved today by the coordinating Committee on distribution of presidential grants, under the leadership of the first Deputy head of the presidential administration (AP) Sergei Kiriyenko, who summed up the first competition of grants in the current year. In “Night wolves”, “Kommersant” said that comment on the refusal only after the official publication of the results of the competition.

“Night wolves” were submitted in three bids. Two of them have not admitted to the examination as non-competition requirements. So, the local organization “Night wolves Izmailovo Moscow” had failed to prove the need for the project “Your Russia”, the creation of “Maps tourist history”, focused on the foreign audience (2.6 million rubles). “Night wolves of Chechnya” was applied, which were also not addressed, such as the strengthening of interethnic and interfaith harmony at the international festival of travellers “Sister” (3.8 million rubles). The application of the Moscow organization “Children’s Christmas tree in the center of the Bike” in the amount of 9.5 million rubles. has been reviewed by experts, but not satisfied.

This decision today approved the steering Committee (SC) for the distribution of presidential grants, under the leadership of the first Deputy head of the AP Sergei Kiriyenko.

KK has summed up today the results of the first in this year’s competition of presidential grants, which passes under the new methodology. As reported by “Kommersant”, the beginning of the contest were created by a single printoperation, a new three-stage methodology for the selection of the applications with participation of an anonymous expert, the joint expert and coordinating councils. In July, speaking to leaders of NGOs, Sergey Kirienko said that in establishing a new system of grants “most of the time takes walkers” who are trying to influence the fate of your project.