Diplomats said about premature blockage giving US in the Silver forest

Diplomats said about premature blockage giving US in the Silver forest

Us diplomats denied access to their departmenst in a Silver forest, not allowed to take things said at the U.S. Embassy. The cottage was supposed to be at the disposal of diplomats prior to August 1.

The U.S. Embassy staff yesterday, July 30, and today, July 31, are unable to access the cottage diplomats in Serebryany Bor. About this Reuters said the press Secretary of the Embassy.

“In accordance with the notification of the government of Russia, the U.S. mission had to have access to our cottage until noon on 1 August,” she said. “Ask the Russian government to explain why it is so”, — concluded the interlocutor Reuters.

In the us Embassy did not specify exactly who did not let the diplomats to the country in the Silver forest. Reuters cameraman, which is outside the residence saw five vehicles, including a truck, arrived on the scene. According to the cameraman, they were denied entry, says the Agency, not specifying who exactly made the decision in refusal of entry.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, according to Reuters, promptly on the request for comment did not respond.

Earlier, on July 31, “RIA Novosti” with reference to being on a place of events the correspondent reported that the warehouse of the U.S. Embassy on the street Road in the South of Moscow there arrived two trucks with diplomatic license plates. “After loading they leave the warehouse,” said the Agency, noting also that, according to “the guards of the neighboring organizations,” most of the things were taken last week.

The warehouse of the us Embassy, which was evacuated things, according to “RIA Novosti”, was “in the industrial area on street Road (building 9B) in the area Chertanovo southern”. Around these warehouses are cooperative “Veteran” and “Disk” and the area of service of operation of buildings and structures MIPC.