Russia will introduce sanctions against hitting Rogozin’s visit to Moldova of persons

Dmitry Rogozin

Russia will prepare targeted sanctions against those impeding the visit of the Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to Moldova. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister in interview to TV channel “Russia 24”, reports TASS.

“The answer will be, of course. We exactly who was behind these decisions in Chisinau, Bucharest, Budapest, Brussels. We select individuals who took these decisions. Our sanctions will be verified and very targeted,” said Rogozin.

The Romanian authorities have not missed the aircraft, on Board of which was the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, through the country on Friday. Rogozin was flying to Chisinau, where he had scheduled talks with Moldovan President Igor Dodon.

The Deputy Prime Minister promised to avenge the Bucharest. “Wait for an answer, you bastards” — he warned. The Minister of national defence of Romania Adrian Zuzanu called this reaction “completely inappropriate” and did not want to join the discussion.