Putin signed a law on horticultural and gardening associations

Putin signed a law on horticultural and gardening associations

MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law regulating the activities of horticultural and gardening non-commercial partnerships and abolishing suburban partnership, reported on the Kremlin website.

According to the document, the country’s agriculture as an activity is abolished, and its management, gardening and horticulture will be used two organizational-legal form: SADOVODCHESKOE NEKOMMERCHESKOE Tovarischestvo and gardening non-commercial partnership.

Previously Deputy head of the Ministry of economic development, Rosreestr head of Victoria Abramchenko said that the abolition of country farms as the activity does not exclude the possibility to build on the plot a house. She added that the apartment building will be built on garden plots. For owners of plots permitted temporary structures.

The Deputy Minister said that in the final version of the act abandoned the clear terms of the re-registration and harmonization with the Civil code of the constituent documents. According to her, it is necessary to bring the constituent documents into conformity with the first change in the status of the partnership.

Introduces the General principles for calculating contributions to partnerships, the purposes for which such contributions may be spent. Required payments based on non-cash payment.

In addition, provides for the establishment of the partnerships of governments and defines the legal relations associated with the turnover of the common property of the partnership. The law also establishes a uniform order of granting of state or municipal land for use.