Media revealed the name of serial fighters of the fifth generation T-50

The French magazine “Air&Cosmos” published an article of Peter Butovo and Anthony Engrane “Du PAK FA au Su-57”, in which he argued that the Russian fifth generation fighter T-50, created in the framework of the project PAK FA (promising aviation complex tactical aviation). serial received the designation su-57.

The journal is distributed by subscription, a translation of the article by the Russian military blog bmpd conducted by representatives of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies (tsast).

The authors note that the official message about the serial name of the aircraft was planned to be done during a visit by President Vladimir Putin, the international aviation and space salon MAKS-2017, during which Putin had, in particular, to enter into a closed to the public the hangar with the T-50. However, the route of the head of state was unexpectedly changed, and the official announcement of the serial name of the machine was delayed.

In the course of the MAKS-2017 CEO of the United aircraft Corporation Yury Slyusar announced the completion of the first phase of testing fighter T-560 PAK FA and plans to begin serial deliveries of the aircraft in 2019. As said Slusar, will be transferred with the engines of the first stage, except the 11th and 12th cars, in which exactly will meet the technical look of the production fighter.

Test aircraft T-50 began in January 2010. The source expected that delivery of production cars will begin in 2016, and the achievement of combat readiness of the first units of the new aircraft was planned for 2017, but in the end the dates were shifted to the right as to the necessity of modification of the machine, and due to economic reasons. The needs of the Russian air force in the fighter of this type are estimated at more than 200 units.