Australian security forces foiled the attempted terrorist attack on the plane

Law enforcement agencies of Australia conducted a special operation to prevent a terrorist act in air transport. On Sunday, July 30, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

To approve the detention order, was arrested four men who had seized a “significant amount of material” improvised explosive device.

Simultaneously, the airports of Australia has increased the level of terrorist threat. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that the threat of terrorist attack “quite real”, and citizens may encounter in the air gates with additional checks that can take a long time.

On 16 July the Australian government announced a future weapons Amnesty in order to prevent terrorist attacks. Australia has experienced several terrorist acts with the use of illegal weapons. It was used by the gunman took hostage visitors cafe in Sydney in 2014. In June 2017 Thriller Jakub hare in Melbourne killed a man and took a woman hostage, declaring that acts on behalf of the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). After the elimination of the offender was discovered that his weapon was not reported to the police.

At the end of June 2016 Australian man pleaded guilty to planning a terror attack. He wanted to mine a kangaroo and send it towards the cluster of police. Intelligence agencies failed to uncover the plan of the attacker, intercepting his correspondence with the 15-year-olds in the UK.