The US and South Korea responded to the DPRK test training launches

The US and South Korea responded to the DPRK test training launches

TOKYO, 29 Jul — RIA Novosti, Ivan Zakharchenko. The United States and South Korea conducted at dawn on Saturday training launches of ballistic missiles in response to the night rocket test, North Korea declared joint chiefs of staff, South Korean armed forces.

“The exercise involved missile armed forces of the Republic of Korea “Genmu-2” ballistic missiles “ground-ground” eighth U.S. army.”, — quotes the statement of the JCS to Yonhap news Agency. There were fired two missiles.

According to the military, the U.S.-South Korean missile exercises conducted in the sea of Japan at 5.45 local time (23.45 GMT on 28 July) in response to the start-up in North Korea in the night of Saturday, presumably Intercontinental ballistic missiles. During the exercise, said the joint chiefs of staff, was checked “the possibility of a strike on the leadership of the enemy in case of emergency”.

This is the second such joint exercises US and South Korea — the first was held the day after launch in the DPRK ICBMs presumably on July 4.

In the night of Saturday there were reports about the launch in Korea of a new ballistic missile in the direction of the island of Hokkaido in the sea of Japan. It was released in the mountain province Cagando. Night ballistic missile test Pyongyang carried out for the first time.

According to the South Korean military, the new North Korean rocket flew about a thousand miles, reaching a maximum height of 3.7 thousand kilometers. The joint chiefs of staff believe that this time tested presumably a more advanced Intercontinental ballistic missile than the 4th of July.

Earlier, North Korea has repeatedly stated that it has the capability to launch such missiles any time, anywhere, and at any time ready to strike a preventive nuclear attack on the United States.