The U.S. Navy opened warning fire at the Iranian boats

The U.S. Navy opened warning fire at the Iranian boats

MOSCOW, 29 Jul — RIA Novosti. The revolutionary guards of Iran said about another incident involving the American Navy, whose actions in the Persian Gulf, Iranian security officials called, “unprofessional” and “provocative,” told the TV channel IRIB.

Earlier, Reuters, citing an unnamed us official reported that a US Navy ship on Tuesday in the Persian Gulf fired warning shots after it approached an Iranian ship. The Iranian-type of vessel was not specified.

“A few days after the provocative actions of the American cruiser in the Northern part of the Persian Gulf, American sailors acted similarly in the Central part of the Bay” — leads the TV channel’s statement of the Navy of the IRGC.

The US Navy aircraft carrier “Nimitz” and its accompanying battle cruiser on Friday launched a helicopter approaching missile boats of the revolutionary guards of Iran, who watched over the actions of American sailors in the area, said the IRGC, noting that it happened not far from the Iranian oil platforms.

It is noted that the Iranian ships did not pay attention to the “provocative” and “unprofessional” actions of the American ships, which also launched flares, and continued on duty after the ships of the U.S. Navy left the area.

The U.S. Navy has not yet commented on the appeared information.