On Board the flight Cairo-Brussels was the radioactive package

On Board the flight Cairo-Brussels was the radioactive package

MOSCOW, 29 Jul — RIA Novosti. Passengers for the flight Cairo-Brussels could be subjected to radioactive radiation due to insufficient verification of potentially hazardous cargo, said the Belgian Federal Agency for the control of radiation (AFCN).

According to the text of the communiqué of the AFCN, on Board the aircraft that carried out the July 13 flight Cairo Brussels with a stopover in Zurich was the parcel, the level of radiation which was “abnormally high”. The Agency inspectors concluded that the sender incorrectly described and marked the parcel, so the shipping was “not sealed”. The sender also did not check the radiation level of the contents.

After learning of potentially dangerous cargo experts AFCN concluded that the maximum radiation dose that could get passengers “directly above the cargo” poses no danger to their life and health. The risk of radioactive contamination is also not fixed, the report said.

According to the text of the report, the maximum dose of radiation could be 6.6 mSv for the flight Cairo-Zurich and 3.1 mSv for the flight Zurich-Brussels. In the report the Agency States that the average annual dose of radiation received by each Belgian is 2.8 mSv, and the dose of radiation during the procedure, computed tomography of the abdominal cavity is 8 millisieverts.

Experts AFCN informed sender and special bodies for radiation protection about the incident, noting the failure to comply with the rules of transportation of radioactive materials. Spetsorgany continue to investigate the incident and take all necessary measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.