Milonov has found application used by American diplomats warehouses

Vitaly Milonov

In the warehouse in Moscow which were previously used by the Embassy of the United States should organize a new Museum of the cold war, said state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov (“United Russia”). It is reported RIA Novosti on Friday, July 28.

“There can be present various exhibits related to the sanctions, show videos of speeches of Republican hawks (so call themselves members of the Republican party of the USA — approx. “Of the”), to arrange area [Senator John] McCain and [former US President Barack] Obama,” said Milonov.

Earlier on Friday Moscow in response to the approval of the American Senate’s new anti-Russian sanctions, decided to close the U.S. Embassy staff in the capital access to the cottage in the Silver forest, and storerooms on the Road outside. In addition, it is demanded to reduce the number of employees of the us diplomatic mission to 455 people.

U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft expressed his regret and indignation in connection with the introduction of Moscow’s countermeasures.

28 July the us Senate passed the bill on a new anti-Russian sanctions. The document introduces restrictions for companies including the oil and gas sector.

The current cold war Museum in Moscow “Bunker-42 on Taganka” is located in a former nuclear shelter “TH-42” at a depth of 65 meters under the ground. It was designed and built after the first series of nuclear tests the Soviet Union and was intended for the first persons, according to the Museum website. Exposition complex of the cold war in the former classified military object has been functioning since 2006.