Media called the number of emigrants from Russia pilots

Since the beginning of 2015, about 200 pilots have left the ranks of the Russian airlines, 100 of whom were employed abroad. On Friday, July 28, the newspaper “Izvestia”, citing data from the Federal air transport Agency.

About the fate of half of the retired pilots in the Federal Agency data no. They could be employed in other Russian airlines, and to move abroad, according to the material.

“The collected data showed a slight outflow of pilots abroad, which is not critical for civil aviation. We have not seen a problem that would require some decisions on our side”, — told the newspaper the Federal air transport Agency, adding that the country has 12 thousand pilots.

On 9 June the newspaper “Kommersant” published an article stating that in 2014 Russia left more than 300 pilots of civil aviation. The specialists of higher qualification get a job in Asian companies. The publication notes that the massive leak has affected other Russian carriers like S7, “Ural airlines” and “Vim-Avia”. Causes of labor migration are the higher wages. So, in China, the average salary of a pilot is 17-25 thousand dollars per month (968 thousand of 1.42 million). In Russia, the co-pilot now gets 320-350 thousand rubles per month, the aircraft commander — 470 thousand, the instructor is more than 500 thousand rubles.

The situation involving pilots abroad attended in the state Duma, however, the transport Ministry said that “the big problem with that”.

At the same time, the Aeroflot group has announced that it is introducing incentive lump-sum payment upon employment of flight crews. In particular, the aircraft commander when applying for a job at the airline will receive 650 thousand rubles, the second pilot — 350 thousand.