In Nigeria, militants “Boko Haram” killed more than 50 oil

The militants of the terrorist group “West African province “Islamic state””, (better known as “Boko Haram”, prohibited in Russia) killed more than 50 oil workers in the Nigerian state of Borno. It is reported BFMTV.

“The terrorists ambushed members of a geological expedition “of the National oil company of Nigeria” (NNPC), which already returned from work. We now have 50 dead, the body continues to bring,” — said the press Secretary of the Ministry of defence of the country Sani Usman.

July 12 victims of four explosions in the capital of Nigerian state of Borno Maiduguri were 17 people, another 21 were injured.

In December 2016, the Nigerian military announced that they managed to capture the last stronghold of Boko Haram in the forest Sambisa, and the President of Nigeria Mohammad Bukhari said that the terrorists are finally defeated. However, the victory celebration was premature: in a few months, militants resumed their attacks.

Boko Haram (means “Western education is a sin”) was established in 2002 and operates mainly in the territory of Nigeria. Supporters group in favor of the introduction in the country of Sharia law and the fight against Western influence. In April 2015 she changed her name to “West African province of the Islamic state.” This was done after the organization’s leader, Abubakar Shekau has sworn allegiance to the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).