The government has refused to heed the advice of the CPS at the choice of the barbershop

Vitaly Milonov

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov (“United Russia”) believes that bearded men don’t need advice of the CPS’s choice of hairdressers. The parliamentarian Thursday, July 27, reports “Izvestia”.

“I would like to believe that the CPS will effectively monitor and identify bad hairdresser. It is advisable to require documents of qualification from anyone who works there,” said the MP, commenting on the list of recommendations issued by the Agency.

Men, he said, should go to beauty salons where they work “normal large traditional barbers”. “If you came to some kind of gay, no need to complain” — said Milonov.

In addition, he expressed the opinion that the Federal service does not want to notice far more dangerous things than barbers. “Leave the beard, get the best Coca-Cola”, — he explained.

Earlier Thursday, the CPS has issued guidelines for visitors to the barbershop. In particular, it contains a call to pay attention to hygiene and quality of cosmetic products. It was also noted that if you have any questions the consumer has the right to file a complaint with the regional office of the Federal service.

Barbershop — Barber shop, where everyone can get a haircut, shave or tidy his beard and mustache.