Valentina Matvienko told where to spend vacation


RIA Novosti

The speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko will hold a vacation to Russia, during which will visit several regions. About his plans, she told today on a press-conference on results of the spring session of the house.

“There are no secrets and nothing new – of course, I will be spending the holidays in Russia,” she said, adding that it is boring to sit in one place, so in the program of a holiday visit to several regions. “But it doesn’t work, and for recreation,” she added.

Responding to clarifying questions, the speaker said he plans to visit St.-Petersburg and Leningrad oblast as well as Crimea. “Go to the Crimea. I love the sea,” – said the Senator. “Ahead of time announce – tomorrow will come another note to the foreign Ministry of Ukraine,” she joked.

One selling tradition – a visit to the mineral waters – Matvienko still break. “In Kislovodsk I already went, got checked in Kislovodsk will not go this time,” she said.

The final meeting of the spring session of the Federation Council will be held tomorrow, July 25. In the agenda of the meeting included over 70 questions – laws adopted by the state Duma in the last two weeks, and the treatment chamber to the President of the Russian Federation with a request to develop a set of measures in response to Poland’s decision to demolish more than 200 Soviet military monuments in the framework of implementation of the law on decommunization.