The Embassy said the decision of problems with the departure of six Russians from Turkey

Russian diplomats managed to solve the problem with homecoming was arrested together with her mother of six Russians. This was reported by RIA Novosti press-attache of the Embassy in Ankara Irina Kasimova on Tuesday 25 July.

“In Istanbul on a permanent basis with Sergey Uhanova was the representative of the Consulate General,” — said Kasimov. He’s going to fly away with a girl from Turkey on Wednesday, 26 July.

Earlier it was reported that the Turkish authorities did not give the child’s father to take her out of the country. Ukhanov daughter and I stayed at the Istanbul Ataturk airport, waiting for their problem will be solved by diplomats.

About the detention of six-year-old Lisa’s sister, a mother and her civil husband in Turkey it became known in mid-July. Authorities suspected them of trying to cross the Syrian border with fake passports to join the ranks of the Islamists.

The father of the minor girl Sergey Ukhanov appealed to the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, and he responded. Monday, July 24, he said that the Turkish authorities gave the daughter arrived for her Russian. A man a few years ago I broke up with the mother of the child, as she came under the influence of radical Islamists.