Michelle Obama talked about calling her monkey people

Michelle Obama

Former first lady Michelle Obama insulted and called a monkey because of the color of her skin. About it reports The Denver Post.

At the conference, the women’s associations of Denver’s leading noticed that she managed to break through the glass ceiling and become the first ever black first lady. They asked what pieces of this “ceiling” struck the deepest wounds. “Those that that was intended. Those who were forced to remember that even after eight years of hard work for the good of the country, still there are people who don’t see the real me because of the color of my skin,” she said. According to Obama, it was called “monkey,” mocked the shape of her buttocks.

Materials on теме00:05 — 22 Jan 2016Obama named Michelle Why Americans love the first lady more than the President

Obama was the first lady from 2008 to 2016. Unlike her husband Barack, the son of a Kenyan student and a white American mother, she
— a descendant of Negro slaves.

28 Dec 2016, it became known that the inhabitant of the USA was fired for comparing Michelle Obama with a monkey. The woman appreciated her and the wife won the presidential election, Republican Donald trump, and then said that she was pleased to see in the White house a stylish and beautiful first lady. However, she noted that “a monkey in high heels” tired her.