CNN predicted a quick dismissal Tillerson

Rex TeleradioMoldova: the Federation Council commented on the rumors about the possible resignation Tillerson

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson may leave his post before the end of 2017. On Monday, July 24, according to CNN.

Recalling close to Tillerson sources, the channel claims that the American Secretary of state had too many disagreements with the US President Donald trump. Familiar Tillerson claimed that he did not like criticism of the President to the head of the Ministry of Jeff and Roman sessions. He also takes a different point of view on staff policy of the state Department and issues of building relations with Iran.

CNN indicates that Tillerson and previously admitted the possibility of his retirement at the end of 2017, but now he is thinking about how to resign as Secretary of state before the end of this year.

July 21, resigned the press Secretary of the President of the United States Donald trump Sean Spicer. His resignation was triggered by the appointment to the post of Director of public relations new York financier Anthony of Scaramucci with which he disagreed. His place was taken by his Deputy, Sarah Sanders.