A resident of Krasnodar, Medvedev complained of the bad roads in the city


RIA Novosti

KRASNODAR, July 24. /TASS/. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who arrived on Monday to Krasnodar to participate in a plenary session of the party “United Russia”, devoted to the problems of the urban environment, visited Krasnodar Park “Friendship of peoples”.

The Prime Minister spoke about a large-scale work carried out in the framework of the regional target program “Krasnodar – Metropolitan appearance”. Now in the Park, children Playground, with new monuments built Playground. Along the alleys are located the panels for art exhibitions, where artists sell their work.

Square has a long history: this space was left vacant even during the initial development of Ekaterinodar based on the construction of any significant facilities. In 1923 there took apart the pavement and began to build a proletarian working in a garden, but then the area became a place of physical development of young workers – there was a football field, and then the first stadium.

Design and survey works on reconstruction of the square was started in 2011. The estimated cost of the project amounted to just over 80 million.

During the inspection of the Park Medvedev spoke with citizens vacationing there. One of them complained to the Prime Minister on the quality of the road surface on the street Turgeneva. “You want an unforgettable experience of the city of Krasnodar? Ask you carry on the street Turgeneva. (…) Every day I go – it’s just awful. And if the trolley – and can be killed,” said the man. Near mayor Eugene Pervushov in response explained that the street is set in the program of reconstruction, and this year begins its overhaul. According to him, currently over competitive procedures, and thereafter biennial repair.

“Look, guys. I have a question. Let’s do what people say”, – said Medvedev. Addressed to the Prime Minister the citizen thanked him for coming. “Come more often. Is better, I think,” said the man.