Vyacheslav Lebedev. Evolution against revolution

Vyacheslav Lebedev. Evolution against revolution

The current year is wonderfully looks like a professional triumph personally of the Chairman of the Supreme court (SC), Vyacheslav Lebedev. Objective reasons for this are as personal rewards and start prepared the most important phases of judicial reform. It’s time to figure out where the head of the armed forces of forces, incentives and opportunities for new achievements in the 28th year of service at the same post.

Achieving unanimous recognition of colleagues and absolute authority, Lebedev could not get Peter I, Alexander II, or perhaps Stolypin conceived to bring the reform package to completion. The judicial system is, of course, is not the Russian state, but in the history of our state there are very few examples in 30 years, created almost from scratch a state structure became an effective machine that meets all the latest international standards.

However, often one can hear a skeptical assessment of the role of Lebedev in the development of the judicial system. Proponents of alternative versions doubt that personal merit Lebedev correspond to his post, believing that without it, the reform would be much faster, stronger, more radical.

In recent times, there are just two good reason to finally fully deal with the question of the role of Lebedev in the development of the judicial system and conformity of his person to the challenges of a new era.

The first reason is the adoption by the Plenum VS Lebedev long-announced new project the most important reforms of the judicial system. RAPSI spoke in detail its essence in a special material. A second reason was the awarding of the President, the armed forces first medal of a name of Emperor Alexander II established the Federal chamber of advocates (FCA).


The question arises, why the legal community, whose members love to criticize the head of the armed forces for any reason, in social networks and comments to the media, appreciated the contribution is Vyacheslav Lebedev. In the official report of FPA among the reasons for the award referred to “a significant contribution to strengthening Russian statehood and commitment to the ideals of social progress,” which Lebedev shows in their work.

Among the actual reasons for the award, it suggests the important role played by the practice is entirely on the active involvement of representatives of the legal profession to work in the research Advisory Council during the drafting of legislation and decisions of the Plenum. At the urging Lebedev, the position of the Federal chamber of lawyers regularly consider on the most important issues.

Probably the biggest cause of primary Lebedev recognition by the legal community became committed to the Chairman of the armed forces to the openness of the judicial system and its consistent actions to achieve the most advanced standards of transparency. Recently Lebedev and the President of the FCA Yury Pilipenko during the working meeting noted that in court, and in the legal profession have a common understanding of the need for extensive development of Internet technologies in the legal field.

Information systems are actively developing in the courts and in the legal profession. In the future the courts and lawyers will be able to establish direct e-communication channels. For example, for the exchange of procedural documents, the materials of the case.

At the awarding ceremony Pilipenko said that in recent years the Supreme Court is doing for the development of the judicial system and social progress. “We believe that this is a personal achievement of Vyacheslav Lebedev”, — he stressed.

Try to understand what this merit is shown.

The origins of the system

We have decided to criticize the judicial system. More goes, perhaps only the national team of Russia on football. While no one is trying to estimate the dynamic development of the system, compare its current state with how it looked 10, 20, 30 years ago, to understand the vector of development, to assess where things are going now. Meanwhile, in comparison with all other state agencies, the scale of the reform of the judicial system, perhaps, has no analogues.

It is now accepted that in 90-e years in Russia were destroyed all important for the life of the system created in the USSR. In many respects this is true, if you recall the education system, healthcare… However, the judiciary has demonstrated a completely opposite picture. Instead of collapse, she was practically born in the 90s, from the formal administrative Institute has become a role model.

Under the leadership of Lebedev, when the whole country was on the verge of collapse, and the system of public administration turned into a fiction that was created the Federal court system, there was universal right to a jury trial, enhanced the appeal of unlawful actions of officials In the judicial system there guarantees of activity of judges, was enshrined the right of everyone to judicial protection, the Institute arose justices of the peace, was defined the legal status of the military courts.

Undergoing major changes the order of proceedings — in the activities of the judiciary is markedly increased democratic principles: presumption of innocence, the right of the accused to defense, the adversarial process and equality of parties. Almost completely updated procedural legislation.