The Kremlin and the White house called absurd statements about the “secret meeting” between Putin and trump

The Kremlin and the White house called absurd statements about the “secret meeting” between Putin and trump

The presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump for two days spoke on the sidelines of the summit of “Big twenty” in Hamburg and “secret meetings” was not. Such statement as transfers RIA Novosti news Agency, made the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov on air of the First channel. A White house spokesman Sarah Sanders stated that this continued anti-Russian hysteria.

According to Peskov, the two leaders talked during lunch, exchanged views, but a separate meeting can not be called.

To position it as a separate appointment that you want someone to hide-it is a manifestation of the schizophrenia.Dmitry Pickupers-Secretary of the Russian President

“Of course, the use of such terms as some kind of “secret or confidential meeting” — it only causes absolute surprise and misunderstanding, because that was the official agreed upon in advance through diplomatic channels, the bilateral meeting of presidents Putin and trump. And then on the sidelines of the visit, they have repeatedly exchanged some opinions, they exchanged phrases, then there is communication within a few days. There were no secret meetings, secret meetings, and to argue about it is absolutely absurd,” — said Peskov.

In turn, the White house spokesman Sarah Sanders said at a briefing that the messages of the American media about the “secret meeting” of leaders are a continuation of anti-Russian hysteria. She added that to say that this meeting was secret, is absurd.

Answering the question discussed is whether Putin and trump the issue of sanctions, Sanders once again voiced the White house’s statement that they discussed only sanctions related to alleged Russian interference in U.S. elections.

July 18, Reuters reported that Putin and trump in Hamburg had another meeting, which had not previously been reported. The Washington Post pointed out that the President again spoke July 7, during dinner, the conversation lasted about an hour.

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