The CPS will evaluate the impact of spinners on children’s health

The influence of spinners on children’s health and the possible negative consequences of their use will be checked by Rospotrebnadzorom. This was reported on the website of the Supervisory authority.

Officials also indicate that there has been “anxiety of the parent and teaching community.”

Rospotrebnadzor does not recommend to buy spinners with their hands and when buying advises to pay attention to the sharp chemical smell or noise as it rotates.

“If the toy the children play, you should periodically check the toys for broken parts,” — stressed in the Supervisory Agency. Preschoolers play with a spinner is recommended only under adult supervision.

Officials are also going to establish the impact of these toys on the child’s psyche, according to the national news service (NSN). In an interview with radio station the President of the Association of children’s psychiatrists and psychologists Anatoly Northern stated that no data concerning such influence in the literature yet and is “in the professional community do not talk about it”.