In the British Parliament was replaced by the head of the all-party group on Russia

The new head of the all-party group on Russia in the British Parliament was the labour MP Chris Bryant. About it RIA Novosti said the Deputy-conservative Daniel Ernakulam. In this post, Bryant was replaced by sir Edward Lee.

Bryant, in the past also held the post of Minister for European Affairs, there are many harsh statements against Russia. In February, he said that there are “clear evidence” that Russian hackers were involved in the British General election in may 2015.

In addition, speaking about the relationship between the parliamentarians of the two countries, Ernakulam said that the deputies of the house of Commons has the chance to arrive in Moscow to meet with colleagues from the state Duma, and in the autumn, to take part in the 137th inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU), which will be held in Saint-Petersburg.

“I would like to take a delegation of British parliamentarians-conservatives in November or December in Russia. Because I think it is very important, despite the ongoing problems, begin to build a bilateral relationship between us and the State Duma. We all have an obligation to continue the dialogue and build mutual trust,” said Ernakulam.

According to him, the delegation will likely include conservatives Ian Liddell-Granger and Nigel Evans. “There will be another labour government,” he added.

In early March, the international Committee of the house of Commons published a report on the state of relations between the two countries, which called for cooperation with Moscow. According to the British Parliament, the government’s refusal to interact with Russia is not a viable option for foreign policy, as this state has nuclear weapons and is a member of the UN security Council.

In the state Duma, in turn, said they welcomed the attitude of the British Parliament for the restoration of dialogue with Russia.