Putin made a promise to the Ukrainians


RIA Novosti

Russia will simplify the procedure for obtaining citizenship. With such a promise by Vladimir Putin. The words of the head of state according to the portal LIFE.

“I instructed the Minister of internal Affairs of the ladies is in their office today. One of the main problems is that they (citizens of Ukraine – approx. Rambler) require the document on the release of their nationality. We will be making in the near future changes and will not require a papers confirming their exit. But enough of the document on the treatment of withdrawal from citizenship of the country, this will be enough for registration”, — said Putin.

His statement Putin made at a meeting with Governor of Belgorod region Yevgeny Savchenko. On 12 July the state Duma approved the second reading of the draft law simplifying the acquisition of Russian citizenship. According to the office of the Ministry of internal Affairs on migration issues, for 2016 to get out of the Ukrainian citizenship could 156 people, whereas in Russia 476 thousand Ukrainian citizens have temporary residence permits, 176 thousand residence, 777 thousand citizens of Ukraine annually extend the patents on the work.