In Russia approved the new changes to the SDA

The Russian government approved changes in Rules of the road, according to the website of the Cabinet of Ministers. The corresponding decree was signed on 12 July.

In particular, in connection with the accelerated development of environmentally friendly type of transportation in order to designate electric vehicle charging points and allow them Parking in such places introduced a new term “electric car” “hybrid vehicle”, the relevant road signs and markings.

In order to protect the environment from the effects of automobile emissions of harmful substances introduced new road signs and terms.

In addition, the revised definition applied to a situation when it is necessary to partition the roadway in the presence of tram tracks and of the Islands.

In order to ensure road safety action, road sign “Stop prohibited” extended to vehicle route outside of the zone of stops of public transport.

Changes in the Rules allowed the movement of cyclists on the sidewalk or pedestrian walkway in the case of escorts adult cyclist under the age of 14 years, which were not previously allowed.