Group Depeche Mode has dated a girl with a disability from Ufa

Group Depeche Mode has dated a girl with a disability from Ufa

Last Saturday, a disabled girl Renata from Ufa Murtazin was able to attend the concert of Depeche Mode on the stadium “Open arena” in Moscow and meet with the performers, said the Fund “Faith.”

Despite the illness — spinal muscular atrophy, which robbed the girl to walk, Renata learns, communicates with people via the Internet and singing. Singing inspired her creativity Depeche Mode.

“Now Depeche Mode — support for my life support, my inspiration,” wrote Renata on his page in “Vkontakte”. According to her, the work group has taught her not to fear the evaluation of others. “Depeche Mode with me always and everywhere, and bad in good situations,” said Renata.

When she came to Moscow for the operation, the Fund helped her to record in a professional Studio and mount clip. This video was sent to the organizers of the performance Depeche Mode in Moscow. As a result, the organizers gave the girl an invitation to a concert and arranged so that Renata could not only see performances but also to meet the musicians personally.

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The Fund “Faith” takes care of 200 terminally ill children in the regions. Is purchased medical equipment, supplies, wheelchairs, special meals. The Foundation also provides these children and their families with legal and psychological support.