The Democrats in the USA have declared readiness to stop drinking for impeachment trump

Donald Trump

Americans were asked what might encourage them to give up booze, and three quarters of survey participants portal sharing democratic views, said that they would instigate this, the impeachment of U.S. President Donald trump. The survey results are published on the website of the portal.

More than 73 percent of Democrats said that they will stop drinking if President Trump impeached the next day. However, only 30.6 percent of Republicans will refuse to drink if the press will stop writing about associated with President scandals.

However, one policy the survey was not limited to: for example, 40 percent of Americans drink daily stated that more likely would have lost your own pet, what would refuse from alcohol. A quarter of this group would prefer to lose smell, about the same to lose one finger, but do not throw the addiction.

Among those who consume alcoholic drinks only a few times a year, these figures are much more modest 9 percent would rather abandon the pet, 2 per cent from the smell, but to lose your fingers for the sake of alcohol among virtually teetotal Americans no one wanted.

In addition, the researchers found: the person needs to pay an average of 365,5 thousand dollars, so he agreed to stop drinking until the end of his days.

The survey was conducted online, involving more than a thousand Americans.