Kadyrov promised to “turn the world” in the event of nuclear war

Kadyrov promised to “turn the world” in the event of nuclear war

In an interview with the American channel HBO, the leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that the U.S. pursue a policy directed against the Russian leadership. He recalled that Russia has nuclear weapons, and in the event of war she can “flip the whole world.”

An American journalist asked Kadyrov to the question, whether he considers the U.S. an enemy of Russia. In response, Kadyrov said that “America is not such a strong state, so we considered it as an enemy of Russia.”

We have a strong state and a nuclear power. Even if our government will collapse, there will automatically fly our rockets. It’s all going to turn.Ramzan Kadyrov

He later brought this quote to my channel Telegram, accompanied by her comment. “It’s not just words, we will do so. For our government is willing to give his life”, — he wrote.

Kadyrov also accused the US of conducting anti-Russian policy. “America has a policy against Russia, against the leadership of the state… I Have a good army that can attack and defend. Let’s see what happens”, — said the head of Chechnya.

In the same interview, Kadyrov has commented on reports about the persecution of gays in Chechnya. He called the reports “nonsense” and suggested that all the existing in the Republic of homosexual persons to move to Canada “to clean up the blood.”

At the meeting with the leadership of the Republican interior Ministry on 13 July, Kadyrov said that Chechnya is “an information and ideological war.” According to Kadyrov, it is associated with the West’s attempts to destroy the identity of Chechens.