The media learned about the hacking of the email “the chief scout of the state Department in Russia”

Mail account of an employee of the US state Department was compromised is unknown, then a set of letters on the boxes of an unknown number of recipients. It is reported by Foreign Policy magazine.

In the accompanying text, written in the name of hacker “johnny Walker”, the archive includes correspondence between officials, CIA agents and other intelligence agencies, the mainstream media, non-governmental organizations and international funds. Correspondence covers the period of at least two years.

Hacker called is represented by a letter stating, “who is responsible for setting the agenda for many countries, especially where the situation is unsafe.”

According to the newspaper, employee, drawer which was broken, works in the intelligence unit of the state Department, which focuses on Russia. As commented by one of the sources, the victim of hacking, “probably the chief specialist of exploration in Russia in the entire American government.” “He knows more than anyone about what is happening there”, — said the interlocutor of the edition.

The state Department has not confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the emails.