German politician offered to shoot rioters at the G20 summit

Right German politician Christel Visig offered to shoot protestors during the G20 summit in Hamburg. She wrote about this in Facebook, but later deleted the post. About the incident, reports The Local.

“The rioters would be shot on the spot, why are we not allowed to do this?” — posted by 71-year-old Deputy of the Federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. She refused to give comments to the media, giving the right to communicate with the press to his press Secretary Hennig Hofgard.

“She wanted people to see how the state defenseless in the face of this inhuman violence,” said Hoggard. According to him, Madam Visig was shocked by the violence and destruction in their home city.

The two-day summit of “Big twenty” was held in Hamburg on 7-8 July. Each day of the event was accompanied by violent protests, which were attended by over 10 thousand anti-globalization activists, including left-wing extremists. They threw guards bottles, stones, burning cars and tires. Security during the G20 provided about 20 thousand law enforcement officers. 476 of them were injured.