The psychiatrist advised Muscovites to dress brighter and more fun this summer

In spite of rainy summer Muscovites to avoid depression recommended “add stimulants to their sensory system.” This was stated by the Director of the research Institute of narcology, the doctor of medical Sciences Tatyana Klimenko, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

“We need each person to make their life more bright. For example, as vividly as possible to get dressed. I would recommend to women as much as possible of jewelry. Of putting as many flowers as possible you need to change the dark curtains and bright. It is necessary to saturate your life with bright emotions — on the weekend do not sit at home and go out to parks, cinema, theaters,” she said.

According to Klimenko, the autumn weather may cause the inhabitants of the region of the autumnal disease, including depression, according to RIAMA.

Earlier in July, senior fellow of the center weather “Phobos” Eugene Tiscover said that the Muscovites do not wait for this summer because the capital region was plunged into a “cyclonic depression”.