Rogozin saw NATO “the heirs of Hitler survivors”

Dmitry Rogozin

In the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance finally insolent, praising the so-called “forest brothers”, wrote Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin in the Twitter Thursday, July 13.

“Video of NATO about the “forest brothers” who kill our soldiers, confirms that in the face of NATO we are dealing with the heirs of Nazi survivors”, he said.

Rogozin also noted that when he worked as a permanent representative to NATO, the organization of such actions does not allow. “Now completely insolent,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

Earlier Thursday, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called video of the “forest brothers” NATO’s attempt to distort history. “If today Bandera — the hero and the “Forest brothers” partisans, which saved the Baltic, then what will happen tomorrow?” he wrote on his page in Facebook.

An eight-minute video on “forest brothers” appeared in the account NATO on Twitter the day before, 12 July. In it, they are called fighters against the “Soviet invaders”. Also in the video advertised the film dedicated to them.

The “forest brothers” informally referred to as illegal armed groups, which actively fought with Soviet power in 1940-1950-ies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The largest scale movement gained in Lithuania, where their hands in the years 1944-1958 administration killed more than 25 thousand people.