Medvedev spoke about the upcoming 2020 census


RIA Novosti

The head of government held a meeting to discuss organizational issues of the upcoming national census. For the Cabinet of Ministers of its data is important, since it takes into account when preparing the budget, forecasting, development of state programs, including social support. “The work will be rather big. The time left is little, you need to consider the experience of the previous censuses, the latest of which took place in 2010, and to analyze the problems that arose early, to endeavour to ensure that the data was truthfully and in full,” – said Medvedev.

The census in the budget, but there is still a significant portion of these money to learn, – said the Prime Minister.

Much of the funding depended on what technologies will be used in the census. Stopped at three ways. As before, people will send scribes with the usual paper census sheets. The same questionnaire you can fill out online. Finally, the collection of information intend to conduct with the help of special tablets, which simplifies data processing.