In the suburbs we have renovated more than seven thousand entrances from the beginning of the year

More than seven thousand entrances to apartment buildings repaired on the Governor’s program in the Moscow region since the beginning of the year, according to the website of the regional government on Wednesday, July 12.

“Address to the approved list of entrances to be renovated in 2017, includes 32 thousands of entrances. As of the first half of July the work has already been done in 7200,” — said the Deputy head of the regional government Dmitry Pestov.

Ahead of schedule the program “My house” is being implemented in many urban districts, particularly in Pavlovskiy Posad. “We went into the hallways, talked with the residents. They are happy that they are attracted to the color selection, choice of mailboxes. And even the element of the hook under the box to make it easier to hang bags, it is also the residents are very happy”, — quotes Pestova TV channel “360”.

In the framework of the program on repair of entrances, funds are allocated from the regional and municipal budgets and asset management companies as well as small contributions from residents. “The decision to include his home in this program are the people themselves”, — said the official.

June 21, the main state housing inspector of the Moscow region Vadim Sokov said that most of the apartment buildings of the Moscow region was included into the regional program overhaul. He said that just mosoblasti more than 54 thousand apartment houses.