Catcher of pokemon Sokolowski sentence was commuted

Ruslan Sokolovsky

The regional court in Yekaterinburg has mitigated the sentence to blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky fished pokemon in the Temple-on-Blood. He received two years and three months of probation instead of 3.5 years, reports RIA Novosti.

By decision of the judge of the sentence eliminated the penalty for illegal possession of a pen with a video camera as a special technical means for secret information (the permission to buy such things gives FSB — approx. “Of the”). The verdict left only on charges of inciting hatred against Christianity and Islam (article 282 of the criminal code on extremist activity).

The convict said he intends to appeal against the new sentence. “Ideally, I’d like fine to me already behind”, — quotes its words

In March Sokolowski apologized to the rector of the Church of “the Big Chrysostom” Viktor Yavich, who was offended by his videos on the Internet. He said he forgives the young man.

In August 2016 Sokolowski published in network video, which plays in Pokemon GO during the service in the Orthodox Church. The video includes swearing, it also mocks Christianity. In the liner records, the young man said that he believes “complete nonsense” that someone might offend walking with a smartphone in the Church. Blogger arrested in September and in February 2017 was released from prison and appointed him to house arrest.