The slaughtered bodies of four children and their father found in a house in Georgia

The one-story house in the U.S. state of Georgia police found the bodies of four children, whose age did not exceed ten years, and their father (he is about 35 years old). Presumably, they were killed, the Associated Press reports.

Law enforcement declared that were in the same house the woman called the police on the morning of Thursday, July 6 to report an assault. Arrived at the scene, officers found five bodies. it is Noted that another child was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The offence is committed in the city of Loganville near Atlanta, the capital of the state.

According to the police, preliminary evidence suggests that the attack used a knife. Later, the coroner will give a certificate of cause of death.

The mother of the kids detained, it is considered suspect. If she’s injured, not specified. It is also not clear if she called the guards. Charges not yet filed.