In Belgium and in France detained five Islamists

French and Belgian intelligence agencies conducted a joint security operation in which they arrested five Islamists. It is reported by RTBF.

In the Brussels commune Anderlecht (one of the districts forming the Metropolitan area) security forces captured four suspects. As a result of the search at the place of their residence and two garages was discovered several Kalashnikov rifles, a large quantity of ammunition, and bulletproof vests.

According to investigators, four Islamists close to the motorcycle gang Riders Kamikazes, two of whose members were convicted last year of six years and three years in prison for involvement in terrorist activities.

The fifth suspect was detained by officers of the French General Directorate of internal security in the suburbs of Lille. According to BFMTV, he was charged with preparing to commit violent crimes in the country.

8 June it was reported that the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) issued a statement that contained threats against a number of countries. The message, written in English with gross grammatical errors, recommends a Muslim to keep away from places of a mass congestion of people: markets, lively streets and squares, because “soldiers of the Caliphate will blow up, crush and cut the throat of enemies.” The threatening letter addressed to the Muslims in eight countries: Belgium, USA, Russia, France, UK, Canada, Australia and Italy.